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Monday, June 01, 2009

The flight fears will increase again

An Air France plan has today disappeared on it's way from Brazil to Paris.
A reason for all the scared flight passengers to get more wind into their sails.

My thought goes to Clas' mom who was planning to come and visit us for her birthday this coming Autumn.
She has a terrible flight fear and now she has canceled the trip, not because of the fear though, but you never know if that was one of the reasons.

Wouldn't it be nice if they could put frightened passengers to sleep during the flight by giving them anaesthetic?
I mean, so many people miss out to discover and travel around in the world only because of this fear.

I like to fly and I have absolutely no fear.
Some years ago, when I went with KLM to Holland, the landing gears didn't come out when we were ready for landing and we had to fly around while the pilots worked on it.
The passengers were so afraid and some started crying, but I just thought all the time that we will make it and was not scared at all.

I really feel sorry for all the people who become scared.
I wish they could enjoy the travel like I do.

If you like to read about the accident in Swedish, please, click here.

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