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Friday, June 26, 2009

Our day off

I will show you what we have been doing on our day off,
which now is on Thursdays until the 10th of July.

When we woke up in the morning we decided to spend the day down at the beach.
It's very sunny here on Tenerife now and today we had + 26 degrees.
It's very seldom I spend a whole day on the beach,
because I know my skin gets burned every time.

We had Subways for lunch and later in the afternoon we shared a bottle of champagne.
The Russian people next to us peeked when we had champagne and the stupid thing was that we only had two cups and could not share it with them.
Next time we bring champagne to the beach we will for sure bring more cups so that we can share with our neighbors.

To be honest with you I burned my skin again today.
I used a high protection number on the suncream but it did not help.
Actually we are both very burned now and Clas can't wear tight pants.
He has burned his legs terribly.
I have burned the hips, the legs and the left cheek + the shoulders and the arms.
We'll probably have to lay under the ceiling fan when we go to bed.

In the night we went for dinner to Greek Corner in Las Americas.
Like always we had the Mesa Greek Corner menu which is our favorite.

Clas at Greek Corner.

After the dinner we went over to La Karina to watch the Flamenco Show.

Me at La Karina.

Clas took a video clip from the flamenco show.
Please, click on the arrow to watch it.

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