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Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Water Pipe

A couple of years ago I bought a beautiful water pipe here on Tenerife.
It was meant that it just would stand as a decoration in our home, but today Clas got the idea that he would like to try it.

First he went on the internet to learn how to use it.
Then he went out on town hunting the special tobacco that it deserves and found a shop where they sell it.
It's not a real tobacco when it hasn't got any nicotine or any kind of drugs in it.
I would say it's more like a tea tobacco or something...and he bought one with a taste of cherry.
Maybe the real tough guys use some stronger stuff in it?

After the dinner he finally put on the show and I decided to make a video clip to show you how the whole procedure went.

I also took a couple of drags from the pipe to get to know how it tastes and I would say it tasted like a cherry tea mixed with smoke.
A problem did however come up...
We forgot to close the balcony door during the experiment and now it smells cherry tea smoke everywhere in the apartment and I have got headache.
Hopefully we'll get rid of the smell before we go to bed.

If the headache don't stop I will paint my forehead with a stick that we have got from friends in England.
It's called "4Head" and when you paint the forehead, it becomes very cold and the ache leaves immediately. I recommend everybody who is going to visit England to buy it. It's very good!

Please, click on the arrow to watch the video clip.

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