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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Different cultures

Many times when you live in a country with many different cultures you just have to smile at the things you see. Sometimes you maybe turn up your nose.

Like a day when Clas visited a shop in Los Cristianos the lady at the cashier's office were busy cutting her toenails. After a while she stopped and he could pay the items and as soon as he was ready she continued the manicure. I would have got problem to receive change from her when she didn't wash her hands.

An other day when Clas and I visited a jewelry shop the lady at the cashiers office had layed her lunch on the desk and were sitting there eating. It was a soup-plate, bread and something to drink.

Many times the spanish people park their cars where ever. One day somebody had parked his car in the middle of the crossing outside our home.

We have seen people in restaurants licking their fingers up and down, and even the hand, after eating food by hand.

We have seen big fat men sitting in restaurants with no shirt on, in the night, eating a nice dinner.

And our neighbours that are canarians are living in the dark every evening. They very seldom use the lights in the apartment when they probably think it's too expensive. The TV is the only thing that brings them light in the nights. They don't seem to be poor though. No, on the other hand, I think they are very rich!

I wonder what kind of things Clas and I are doing that makes people surprised. I'm sure there needs to be something.
Maybe the neighbours think I am crazy when I sometimes, in the middle of the day, try to learn new linedances on the ballcony?
And I think Clas many times jokes about things so plainly to the point that people almost get hiccups?

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