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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I will tell you about a thing that really scares me here on Tenerife.

When we moved down here, three and a half year ago, I was happy to get away from the bears, elks and wolfs that are living in Finland.
I was very afraid of them and didn’t like to go out picking berries or go out strolling in the woods.

Here on Tenerife we haven’t got any dangerous animals. We have got some goats, lizards and small rabbits and that’s all. Here nobody have to be afraid.

One Sunday we decided to have a walk in the mountains.
We drove by car up to a small village called Infonce that is when you take to the left in the last turn of the road at the pine tree limit, when you go up to Teide from Los Cristianos.

We stopped the car and went out walking along a path that is finally taking you to the Barranco Infierno.
When we had been walking for a while I saw some nice mountainpeaks and I asked Clas if we could go closer to them and take some photos.
We left the path and started walking toward them.
After a while we saw a big hole in the ground and stopped to look down into it. The size was about 2X1 meter and we bowed down to see how deep it was. Then we realized there was a `small floor´ about 2-3 meter below, that was leaning down toward a cave. The cave was so deep that we couldn’t see the bottom of it. We continued walking.
After a couple of minutes we stopped again when there was another hole in front of us. This hole was only as big as one person could fall through it. When we bowed down to look into it we saw it was leading into another cave so deep that you couldn’t see the bottom.
Now I became very scared when I understood there are a lot of caves under us, where we were standing, and started thinking about what would happen if the ground gives way under us and we fall down into one of them. Nobody would know where we are and maybe the mobile phone wouldn’t work down inside the ground if we would survive the fall. It was with fear we started walking back to the path. I was very scared.

Now I’m so afraid after realizing these holes that I don’t like to go out for a walk in the nature here any more. It needs to be a well used path if I will go there.
I can’t understand why there aren’t any signs, with warning messages of the holes, in the area. And I wonder if anybody have been down into the holes looking if somebody have been falling down.
It has happened that people have disappeared on Tenerife before. Maybe somebody have fall down to a cave somewhere and died there?
It should be a prohibited area to walk, shouldn’t it? Be careful if you are going out on your own in the mountains here on Tenerife!

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