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Sunday, February 03, 2008

God is good

I need to blog one more post before I go back to the bed.
Wednesday night when we got home from work I started thinking about my bloging.
I felt worried about the `image´ I give the readers and started reading my blog from the first post to get to see how everything `sounds´.
Am I too personal and tell too much?
Am I too radical and bantering? Are the topics boring? etc.
When I got to the posts about my lost bag I became very angry at myself. I thought it was very stupid of me to tell the blog readers that I was praying to God to get it back. Now I've really put God on shame when I haven't got any prayer answer. I felt condemned and angry at myself and decided to not write anything about faith or my believe anymore. I had become far too personal.
He,He! The next day Clas found an envelope addressed to me in the mailbox ! When I opened it I found my driving license and health card inside. God is faithful!!!
Somebody had maybe got a bad conscience and anonymously sent it back to me! And that is exactly what I had been praying should happen!
Now I think I was stupid when I didn't pray to get the whole bag back. I was most worried about the cards, of course, but had I been asking to get everything back I probably had got it. Would God say he don't like me to have the bag? No!
Any how, I'm not going to bother God with the bag now. I'm lucky and thankful I got the cards back. Hallelujah!!

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