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Monday, February 04, 2008


Normally we get food every night at the restaurant where we work, but now while I've been ill Clas has went out somewhere in town and bought food for us `para jevar´(take away).
Tonight he went to a pizza bar in our neighbourhood.
He had combined a pizza recipe himself and it sounded to be a good tasting pizza. Cheese, tomato, ham, tuna fish, pineapple and garlic. He wrote down all the ingredients in spanish, on a piece of paper, and left the apartment.
After a while he came back with two pizza boxes and we sat down to eat.
Guess if we were surprised when we opened the boxes and had got two pizzas made of cheese, tomato, ham, tinned sprats cured in brine and capers. We thought they maybe somehow had mixed up the boxes with an other customer and Clas went back to the pizza bar to get it right.
No, this was exactly what he ordered! the pizza baker told him. Poor Clas! He went disappointed back home.
I tell you! It was the worst tasting pizza we ever have had on this island. It was terrible!
The tinned sprats in a comination with the capers was too much and our hair almost raised up when we eat it. Now I don't like to have pizza for a loooong time.
But one thing I really wonder; -`Is the pizza baker illiterate?´

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