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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Raining cats and dogs

Yesterday we went to Greek Corner in Las Americas for dinner with our friend Eija.
It was a lovely night and in my opinion the night ended too fast.
After the dinner we went to restaurant Acapulco. It was raining cats and dogs. The roof of the restaurant isn't waterproof and water was pooring down from the ceiling everywhere. But the guests were dancing linedance and the owner tried to keep the floor as dry as possible.
We don't play at all at Lewinski if it starts raining. That's because we are out on the terrace.
We could move inside but it doesn't help when many tourists don't like to go out at all when it's raining.
We have tried to be inside some times but we only get a few guests and that's not enough for the restaurant to be able to pay our salary. When it's raining we stay at home but we have had nice weather since April last year and it has only been raining 2-3 nights. This winter is really the warmest one we have had since we moved down here in October 2004. Nice weather every day except some calimas that brought in winds and clouds.
Today it's sunny again and we hope to be crowded with many dancers tonight.

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