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Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Gruas took the car

When we first moved down to Tenerife I was brave driving our car back and forth here on the south. But it wasn't always easy.

One day I planned to visit San Eugenio in Las Americas for shopping. I liked to pass the beach at Troya hotel to be sure I can find the place.
I tried three times to drive there but I ended up all the time back in Los Cristianos. That's because I didn't know you were allowed to take left in the roundabout at hotel Oro blanco. The left lane doesn't really look like a lane there and I think many do the same mistake.
After trying three times and driving over an hour I finally gave up and went back home.

An other day when I was out driving I parked the car outside a Slowboat restaurant above the Vista Sur beach. Later on when I was ready to go home I couldn't find the car anywhere.
I went in to Scandishop that is nearby and told our friend Poul from Denmark that somebody has taken our car. He asked where I parked it and told me it's `The Grua´who have been taken it and told me that the car is now behind a fence on a field between Las Americas and Los Cristianos. And he said it will be quite expensive to get it out.
I asked him if he had time to come with me there and get the car out. I tought this is something I 'm going to take care of myself so that Clas don't have to be angry at me when I've been parking the car in a prohibited space.
But he said I will not get the car out when Clas is written as the owner of it.
So I called Clas and told him with a trembling voice what had happened.
But he just told me to not be sad and he asked me to take a taxi home and get his passport and then come and pick him up at the place where he was and we could continue to the Grua station.
It was no problem to get it out but it cost us 130 euros.

After a while I learned it's much easier to go by taxi when I go shopping. Many times before I had to drive around in the car, for a long time, to find a parking lot. It was much easier and maybe even cheaper to go by taxi. This caused we were almost never using the car and two months ago we gave it away to a couple, from the mainland of Spain, who live here on Tenerife.

Two days ago a friend of us called and asked if we need a car. She has got two and would like us to by one of them. Now we are going to look at the car next weekend and maybe we become car owners again. We have realised it takes a long time to go and rent a car every time you like to go somewhere. And we never go to our secret beach here on the island anymore. We don't make shopping trips to Chafiras eighter and it's a long time since we were up to Teide.
Maybe it wouldn't be wrong to have a car when it all comes about.

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