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Monday, June 02, 2008

A day on the beach

Last Friday when it was our day off we decided to just relax on the beach and be in the sun.
It was the first time in almost a year!
I was proud of finally getting it done when so many people think we need to be on the beach in our spare time and we always have to tell them that we very seldom take time go there, which maybe sounds abnormal.

It was some clouds when we woke up in the morning but we thought they will disappear later on and started packing our bags for a day on the beach.
When we got down to the seashore we rented two sun beds and an parasol and started to lay up the small picnic we had brought with us. It was very cloudy and I had to put my towel over the legs to not get cold.
After the meal we sat and waited for the sun to show up reading a couple of gossip magazines.
About three hours later we packed down everything and went home disappointed of having been squandered the day on a cloudy beach.
We had showers and went out for a nice dinner instead.

I get more and more convinced that the beach is not anything that we should commit our lives and time to.
Now we really tried, but of course it didn't work out well when it wasn't meant to be.
And the world will not go under because we have got pale skins.
Clas thinks this wouldn't have happened if our internet had been working and he would have been able to see the clouds on the satellite forecast. He normally check the forecast every day.

Well, maybe next time will be better. The summer is starting now and then we will have nice weather for weeks or even for months.
The weather is so sunny here on Tenerife in the summer time that you almost get tired of it.
But the temperature is seldom higher than 25-28 degrees when we get a calm breeze from the Atlantic ocean.
It's really lovely!
When the Scandinavians leave the island in April the heat of the sun comes and it stays until they arrive in the time of autumn. It's really a shame when they never get to see Tenerife in it's best brilliance.

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