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Monday, June 23, 2008

Two extra days off

We have got two extra days off now, Monday and Tuesday.
Yesterday when we played it was very quiet again. Only about 30 guests in the whole night and we decided to take a couple of extra days off and just relax.
But to be honest I haven't been relaxing much today.
Clas went in the noon to James to have his hair cut and bleached.
I started cleaning the home while he was gone and got it ready until he came back.

We had a talk about employing a cleaner the other night and he said it's alright if I can find a seventeen old blond one who is good at giving massage. Typical masculine statement!
If we employ a cleaner we do it because we need to get the home cleaned, and if it's a `She´ the first demand will be that she keeps her paws of my husband!
I honestly think I will look for a male instead. I don't like to do everything like people do normally.
A cowboy cleaner walking around here 2 days a week would be little more exotic! Wouldn't it?

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cnoop said...

I know a cowboy unemployed in Las Americas as we speak ...