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Friday, June 20, 2008


Oh dear! It looks like we don't do anything else than eating when you look at my blog!
Now I will blog about something totally different namely my passion for perfumes.
I like perfumes and use a lot every day. I have about 30 different brands on the perfume shelf and my favorite right now is "Mariah Carey" with the lilac butterfly cap.
I bought my first one about two months ago and about a week ago I bought my second when the first one run empty. If you like sweet toffee smells I would like to recommend it to you!
I also like classic smells like Angel, Opium, Organza, Oscar de la renta, Jadore, Flower by Kenzo, and Escada of which I have had many different bottles.

In the daytime I prefer to use mild ones as Oscar de la renta -summer dew, Eternity summer, Puma woman, Noa and Marina De Bourbon etc. But I also use Mariah Carey in the daytime now, even when it's more warm sensual than mild, only because I like it so much.
I try to choose a smell which fits with the outfit. If I wear a flowery outfit I choose a flowery smell, and if I use an outfit with dark spicy colors I choose a spicy smell and so on. But sometimes I have to compromise when I know the people who are going to be around me are allergic.

In the daytime I spray the perfumes behind the knees, on the hand ankles and a little bit on the clothes. Later in the night when the smell has evaporated I use a stronger feminine and sensual smell and spray it behind the ears, around the neck and a little bit in the hair and on the clothes.
But there is a saying that the best way to spray perfume is to make a big cloud in the air and walk into it. Then you get the best result!
My opinion is that you waste a lot of the expensive drops when you do it.

I am lucky to have a husband who also likes perfume. He uses at least as much as I do or maybe more!
He has got about 13 different smells in his collection right now and some of them are like a complete package with aftershave, roll on or deodorant sticks and after shave balms which means he is really impregnated.
I think the best smell he has got is Obsession. On the second place is maybe Jean Paul Gaultier, you know the blue bottle that looks like a male body. I have myself three different female bodies from the same brand.
A secret is that he owns a very good facial exfoliator for men, from Biotherm, which eliminates impurities in the face. Sometimes I borrow a little bit of it and it's very good!

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