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Friday, June 06, 2008

Our day off

It's our day off today and I'm not doing much. Did the dishes a while ago and my nails are not the same anymore. I will start redoing them after a couple of minutes.

Tonight we have planned to have a walk in Las Americas to see if there are any tourists.
We will probably have a dinner there as well.
The tourists keep telling us it's very quiet everywhere and many restaurants are closing down early, but we like to see it with our own eyes to be sure we are not playing in the wrong town.
The last summers it has been more tourists in Las Americas when the winter birds of Los Cristianos go home to England and Scandinavia in the summer time.
To be cleaver we would play in Las Americas during the summers but the problem is that we need a quite big dance floor and that's not easy to find.
The last nights we have had a few line dancers in every night and it has been really lovely to play.
Some of the dancers told us they will be back tomorrow night and I really look forward to it.

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