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Thursday, March 19, 2009


My energy is now coming back and I am busy doing a lot of things in our home.
I have to clean, do ironing, plan outfits etc.
We both feel so lucky when we finally become better. It has been tough to be ill for about one month.

We get e-mails almost every day, from people we know, and many will soon come to Tenerife + there is a lot of friends here right now who we have learned to know during the last years.
I think we will be very busy the coming weeks and it will be so fun to play.

After Easter all the Scandinavians leave and then we go back to the normal again.
Then our audience contains a lot of British, German and Dutch tourists and we don't get as many couple dancers like we have now.
The audience goes down with about 50%, but already in June it starts coming up again.
May and December are the weakest months of the year.

In the summertime we have many Country music fans and they know a lot about the songs and the artists and they sit and listen carefully the whole night through which is fun too.
We get a better contact with the audience when they sit and listen and we need to concentrate more on what we do when there is no dancers who keep up the show.

In July-August a lot of younger tourists arrive and we mix our repertoire with new country songs that are more tough and rock'n roll than the oldie-goldie ones that we play now.
Then I sing more Shania Twain, Gretchen Wilson, LeAnn Rhimes etc.

During September-December we get a lot of line dancers and we many nights play line dance the whole night through and some of the dancers almost don't get to sit down at all.

It's said the tourism will go down this summer and it will be very tough for many restaurants.
Tui and Thompson cut down their travels to Tenerife with15% and that is a lot of planes when they are the biggest tour operators here on the island.

It's really a shame when the Scandinavians never get to be here in the summer time.
We have sun from a blue sky almost every day from middle of April until October and it's not too hot when we get a calm breeze from the Atlantic Ocean.
It's really lovely and the Canary islands are for sure the best place where to be during the summer vacation.
Many go to Turkey, Greece, Mallorca and the mainland where the temperatures reach up to 40 degrees and they have to stay inside the hotel in the daytime to not be burned.
Here we have the perfect temperature (about +25-28) and many Spanish people leave the mainland and come here to enjoy the weather.

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