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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More illness

My medicine right now.

When we came home from work Sunday night I felt I had fever again but I thought it will better the next day.
Monday when it was our day off I was very bad and I stayed in the bed the whole day with high fever, a terrible muscular pain, headache, and a cruel cough.
Clas was nursing me and brought me everything I needed and gave me massage for the pain.
In the end of the night he started telling me he was feeling like he is getting the illness too.

Today when we woke up I was feeling much better. It felt like the antibiotics I have got finally have started doing the job and I only had muscular pain today + the cough.
Clas on the other hand is now very bad and he has high fever and is coughing like crazy.
In the afternoon we understood he is not gonna make it tonight and he called La Karina and told we can't play tonight.

Oh, what a shame! I hope this is the last attack now because we are both so tired of being ill.
It takes all the energi out from us and the last weeks we haven't been doing much else than sleeping and resting in the daytime to make it in the nights.

Clas is having such a high fever now that he can't go and see the doctor but he has started eating my antibiotics.
He has exactly the same symptoms and will go and get more of it as soon as he get some power to do it.
*smile* Yes! We know that you would not eat a medicine that is ordered to an other person but what can we do? He has to start the treatment to get quickly out of it, and he can't see the doctor when his temperature is too high.

He says we will play tomorrow, but I am not sure if he's gonna make it. We'll see!
I tell you tomorrow, in the afternoon, if we are gonna play or not.

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Anonymous said...

We wish you both will be better soon. Take care of each other/ Love Iréne and Erland