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Monday, March 16, 2009

Like a monkey in a zoo

It was Clas birthday yesterday.
We decided to dress up for dinner and take a taxi to restaurant Toro even when we both felt very weak.

Many times when we go out on town there are tourists who recognize us and they peek at us when they think we don't see it, and whisper our names to the other people in their company when they think we don't hear it etc.
Normally I don't take much notice about it but last night I didn't like what happened.

We ended up at Toro by having two ladies at the next table.
When we sat there eating one of them took forward her mobile phone and started playing around with it.
Suddenly it said click and I understood she took a paparazzi photo of me in secret.
I am not sure but I think I was stuffing the mouth with food at the moment when it said click.

How fun is that? And how fun is it to be photographed when you feel very weak and probably sit like a hay sack on the chair? And how fun is it to have paparazzi around you when you are out for a private meal with your husband? Why don't people show any respect?
We are not monkeys in a zoo nor do we belong to the tourist attractions when we are out in private business!
It would absolutely have been okay if she had asked us for a photo, but I don't like when people secretly try to take stupid photos of us.

When she handed over the phone to show her friend the photo she looked at me and I couldn't help it but I showed her with an expression on my face that I had seen what she had been doing.
She was giggling when she understood she had been caught red-handed, but looked very satisfied like she had got a scoop or something in her phone camera. Sigh!

Tonight when we went out for dinner we sat at a table behind the bar so that the most of the guests couldn't see us.
It's less stressful to get to eat in private without having people staring at you like you would be a ghost or something.

Clas had birthday yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I quite agree it is so wrong of people to invade your private life.
Total lack of respect.
But you are a very popular couple well respected and loved for your music so with that comes paparazzi photos . Try and rise above these people . When we come over in September Norman said if i give them one of my looks they won't bother you again mmmmmm. Hope you are both feeling better.
Love Sue xx

Susanne said...

Hi Sue,
We look forward seeing you in September.
We are better now and it's really fun to play again.
Have a nice evening.