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Sunday, March 08, 2009

We are very crowded

It was a lovely crowded night at Country Grill Karina last night.
Many couple dancers and line dancers visited us and the dance floor turned out to be too small, like many times before.
What can we do? There is no space for a bigger floor!

Our dream is to one day get to play at a real big place where it's possible to have a real big dance floor.
It's not fun when our dancing guests have to sit down only because the floor is too packed.
We have also learned that big dance floors bring more people in and we wish there would be space enough for everybody to dance in the same time.
Many of the songs we play fit all the dance styles and that's when the floor becomes too small.

Sunday nights at La Karina have turned out to be line dance nights when many of our British line dancing friends visit us. Then we play more line dance songs than the other nights when the audience contains 80-90% Scandinavians.
But we mix the repertoire with line dance songs every night if we just get to know that there are line dancers in the audience.

Please, arrive in good time these coming weeks, to be sure you get in and get a good table. It's a lot of tourists here right now and more and more people start visiting our venue. Many come and see us every night!

You can book a table if you are planning to have the dinner at the restaurant.
At La Karina we start 8.30 but to be absolutely sure you will get in you need to be there before 8 o'clock.
If the restaurant is packed and you don't get in you can try to wait and see if somebody is leaving after a while. That has many times ended with a good luck when some of the guests are leaving earlier.

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