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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

We were told to leave the place

In the night we went out for a nice dinner to "Toro tapas and grill" in Los Cristianos. This is our favorite restaurant and I like to recommend it to everybody.

First we had bread that we dipped in a special oil and vinegar from Torres. Really lovely!

Starter: Fillet steak carpaccio with Manchego cheese and olives.
Oh, it was so delicious!

Pork fillet steak " Sangre de Toro".
It was the forth time I had it!

The bill and two small Baileys shots.

On the way back home we went in to a restaurant where
we have played before to listen to Graham Gold and have a drink.
Graham had a real good show going on...

There we met this couple from Denmark who have
visited our show many times the last years.

The night ended with a shock when we suddenly, in front of the guests, were told to leave the restaurant.
The daughter of the restaurant owner thought that we came there to take customers from them and told us to leave and never come back again.
Many people know that we have been recommending this place when they have asked where to go in Los Cristianos.
We have never been against the restaurant or tried to get customers from them and it was really a shock when we were told to leave or they will call the police.
It feels very sad when a cooperative scheme of many years' is finished like this, but we are not angry at anybody when we think it's probably an act out of fear.
We are very crowded in Las Americas and there is no reason for us to try to take customers from anybody.
Our guests are themselves looking for us, and many have found us even when they from the beginning have been told that we have left the island, which is a lie.
Our conviction or policy is always to bless and help and we both believe doing the opposite will cause you a lot of problem and bring you out of the grace of God and his blessings.

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