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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Toilet Paper

Sometimes people think that I am complex when I try to keep things in private.
But I tell you! Some people in Sweden are much worse than me!
They don't like to buy toilet paper when somebody can understand that they are going to use it!

I read a lot of comments on a famous Swedish blog tonight and some of the ladies said they avoid to buy toilet paper when somebody see it.
If they had problem to buy condoms or other intimate products I could understand it, but toilet paper is in my opinion a normal daily product that everybody use.
If you never visit the toilet you have got a serious problem!
Even the Kings and the Queens do every now and then sit on toilet thrones!
Some people also said they have problem to visit the toilet when their partner is in the house.

He,he! I sit here right now with a big roll of toilet paper in front of me and every now and then I take a long piece of it and blow my nose. My nose is running again and it feels like the cold is doing a restart. *sighing*
Oh dear! To be honest I pinch my nose with a bottom-paper!
What a shame! :-)

I don't even notice what people buy in the shops!
And if somebody is carrying toilet paper in the shop I don't start wondering about how they are going to use it.
Don't we all need toilet paper or am I wrong?
I will however continue buying toilet paper and I don't have any problem with it.

You can even make clothes of toilet paper!

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