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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Supper At The Scandinavian Tourist Church.

After Easter the most of the Scandinavians leave the island, but we can already see how they start decreasing in amount.
This week we haven't had as many dancers as last week and after a couple of weeks they will all be gone.
Many Scandinavians don't come back before in October.

We were invited to the Scandinavian Tourist church for a nice supper Friday afternoon.
It was a long time since we last payed a visit there and it was so fun to meet everybody.
The staff at the church are very nice people and it's easy to spend time with them.
When we go there it's more like them entertaining us and we can for ones just relax.

We don't have much time to be with all we know when we work six nights a week.
We also try to keep our nights off as our own nights, when we can just do what we like to, and don't have any appointments.
We need that when seven nights out in restaurants would make us feel like we don't have any private life at all.
It would be nice if we could go out with everybody who come to the island, but one day off is not enough time to make it possible.

Some of the guests at the church.
The pastors wife Ulla-Britt with the microphone.

The supper was delicious.

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