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Monday, March 16, 2009

We start Tuesday

We have got many calls the last days from people who ask when we will start playing again.
We will start tomorrow night!

We are very sorry that some of you don't get to see us much this time you visit Tenerife, but hope for a better luck next time.
It's the same problem every year in February - March. Then we always get the cold and we are ill for many weeks.
Would we have to take the influenza injection next winter...?
I had the injection some years ago, when I worked on the ferry, but it did not help that time and I still got an influenza that lasted through the whole winter.

This year we first got a normal cold and after some nights it felt like we will be okay. But then it suddenly came back worse than ever before and caused inflammation in the sinuses and down in the lungs and high fever.
Not even the penicillin seams to help and we still get the fever back every now and then, and we are very weak and cough until the brains almost explode.
I am so tired of being ill now and hope that we will not be ill any more this year as soon as we can get rid of this one.

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