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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sweden is revolting!

Winner of the Swedish Robinson 2009 is Ellenor Pierre.
Jarmo ended on second place even when the most of the people who have watched the programs think he was the only person who is a real survivor.

Many people in Sweden are angry today.
They mean that wrong person won the game and some even talk about writing to the TV company and complain about the wrong result.
Some people mean that the program must be canceled in the future, and some say it's not right when the TV company in the final let the other Robinson participants decide who is the most well-earned winner.
That because they establish their opinions on disappointments and unforgiveness for things that happened during the competition.
They mean it would me more fair to arrange a voting among the TV watchers.
All according to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

However, Ellenor won the game and to get so far she has to be very shrewd which is also a part of the game.
Her strategy was to just be weak and loose all the competitions in the beginning, so that the others not would see her as a treat and vote her out from the game, and then in the last competitions she gave all she had and won the whole game. Very clever!
Congratulations to Ellenor!

If you like to read about this in Swedish please, click here.

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