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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Computer Error

Oh what a night last night!!!
The adapter for my laptop gave up and I only could sing one song!
Today I have ordered a new laptop from Finland when there are no adapters to buy, of that model, here on the island.

I will use the Mp3 player when I sing tonight.
Why I order the computer from Finland is only because I like to get the right keyboard (with all the Swedish letters on) and the programs in English.

I spend my 'extra night off' with Brito and Jesus on my balcony.
We had a small fondue with all the left overs from the Monday night fondue and the night turned out fine.
First I felt so stressed, because of the computer, but a glass of wine cooled me down.
It's not fun to have to cancel a show.
The people who had planned to spend the night at Lewinskis had suddenly to figure out something else to do and I felt so sorry and stressed because of this.

Brito will bring his laptop tonight and I will use it tomorrow when it's the big line dance night

Jesus and Brito open a bottle of wine.

During the meal.

Me and Brito.

Jesus and Brito.

Me and Jesus.


1 comment:

Irene Store said...

Ni ser ut att ha en trevlig kväll på balkongen. Hälsa Jesus och Lisa från mej om de kommer ihåg mej!
God fortsättning på julhelgen och ett gott nytt år