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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Christmas Bed

I have been working with (read; cleaning and preparing) the bedroom the whole afternoon.
This is how my Christmas satin sheet bed looks.
The satin sheets are very slippery and because of that I choose to use normal sheets on the mattress. You don't like to end up on the floor!

He,he! A boyfriend of mine ones slid out of the bed when we were cuddling.
It was just like a bang at the floor and he had disappeared.
It happens very quickly so, please, be careful if you aren't used to have satin sheets and
now decide to get some.

Oh, I look forward to go to bed tonight!!!
I'm gonna sleep like a princess!
Sweet Dreams!!!



Sue & Norm said...

Very sexy . I see there are 2 pillows. Heehee. Have a good Christmas. Are you working New Year ?

Susanne said...

Hi Sue, There are actually 4 pillows!
I will tell later how the new year's gonna be. Don't know yet, but will speak with the owner tonight...
Have a nice evening,
Love Xo