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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Satin Sheets

A couple of days ago I went to 'El Kilo' and bought some satin material.
I have been looking for red satin sheets the whole autumn, but it seams like it's not possible to buy them here on Tenerife. I finally decided to buy the material and sew them myself when I really like to have red satin sheets for Christmas.
By the way, I always use satin sheets in the bed. I like them when they are cooling in the summer time and warming in the wintertime and it looks very nice.
The ones I've got I've bought in Finland.

Today I have been sawing the sheets. I borrowed the sewing machine from my friend Jesus.
He has got one when he every now and then have to repair the sails for his boat.
Not many people that I know here have got a sewing machine.

The result of my sewing work was quite good and I'm quite proud at the moment.
I will show you a photo of the bed later when I have been cleaning the whole bedroom and put the sheets into the bed. Probably on Tuesday or Wednesday...
I'm actually so satisfied that I will go back to the 'El Kilo' shop tomorrow and buy some more satin material in gold if they've got it. Golden sheets would also be very nice in my bed and I send a prayer to God that they will have it.
If I get it I will sew one more sheet set before I give the machine back to Jesus.

It's raining here in Los Cristianos at the moment, but I will sing tonight.
The new terrace roof at Lewinskis is very good and I can sing even when it's raining.
Have a nice evening all!
God bless!


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