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Monday, November 16, 2009

More Jam

I have made one more video clip from our fondue and
jam night that we had on our balcony last Friday.
The old good country songs and hits brought a cozy atmosphere and we all enjoyed it and sang together even
when we had not heard some of the songs for many years.
Please, keep in mind that everything on
the video clip is just improvisation.

Presentation of the contributors:

Jan Egil and Tove from Norway.
They visit Tenerife 4-5 times every year.
Jan Egil sings and plays guitar in a country band in Norway.

Carina and Lasse from Sweden.
They live here on Tenerife in the winter time and
perform at the Scandinavian church in Puerto Colon and lead
"Allsången" at the Scandibar on Saturday afternoons.

Christer and Anneli from Sweden.
They visit Tenerife 1-2 times a year.
Christer was guitarist in the famous Swedish dance band called
Sven Eriks in the seventies.

Clas and me.
Have a country venue at restaurant La Karina in Las Americas
every night except Mondays and Fridays.

Please, click on the arrow to watch it.



Sue & Norm said...

Lovely really enjoyed the video thank you. It would be nice to see you singing Susanne and someone else doing the videoing . I know i want so much but Norm and me love watching you all .
Love Sue x

Anonymous said...

Christer was the bassplayer in Sven Eriks !!!!!!

Susanne said...

Hi Sue,
Yes I know. I am always behind the camera even when we play at La Karina and that's why you never see me.
We'll see tonight if I can make a cameraman out of Clas...