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Thursday, November 12, 2009


I was out shopping again yesterday.
I bought, among other things, a nice pair of white boots + some glitter for my nails, underwear and a lot of silk stockings etc.

Tomorrow will be a busy day.
I have to clean our home and plan for the fondue party we are going to have here with some of our friends on Friday night when we are off.
We'll be 8 people and that means we'll need two fondue pots.
Some of the guests are musicians and they will bring their instruments so that we can jam together after the dinner.

I'll show you the boots later. It's too late to start photographing now when I must go to bed to be fit for fight tomorrow.

We are also invited to an other party Saturday night.
We'll first play like normal at La Karina when this party starts some time after 00.30 in the night.
What it's all about is a secret right now but I will tell you later.
It feels a little bit frightful when I think about it and I hope it will not end up being too much.
I can't tell you anything more right now but I can tell you it will be a little bit chocking what it's all about.

Good Night!
Have a nice Thursday!

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CC said...

Ha ha ... half of the list was forwarded onto me !!!