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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our night out

Clas' pants sat perfect on him! He will go to Sara tomorrow and by the other ones in the same size.

We decided to go by taxi to Las Americas tonight and have the dinner at Greek Corner, one of our favorite restaurants.
We always eat the same course there. It's the one called Mesa Greek.

During the dinner we were discussing a lot about our future and we also made some important decisions about how to proceed.
It will not be easy, but life is not always easy!
That's all I can say right now.

However we later went over to Los Fogones to listen to Dalton for a while, and after that we walked over to La Karina to listen to Cecil.
After that we jumped into a taxi and went over to Scandibar and found out they were already closed.
We decided to continue the drive and went home and here I am now blogging about the night.
I brought the camera with me tonight but forgot to use it.
That's why I can't show you any photos. I'm so sorry!


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