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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Secret Party

Okay! I will now reveal what the secret party was all about.
This video clip will for sure be the "worse" that ever have been published on my blog.
Warning!!!! Don't watch it if you are religious or a sensitive person!

A lady we know had birthday yesterday.
After the work we were invited to a private birthday party on the second floor of restaurant Liquid. We were about 25-30 people.

One of the presents she got was a stripper and you'll see some of his show in the video clip below.
He took everything off!
Some of the guests almost turned hysterical.

Later when we were ready to go home his strings were still laying on one of the steps leading down from the second floor.
Maybe he left them there as a business card or something?
I was joking and told one of the restaurant owners to take them and hang them up as a trophy on the wall at the restaurant, but then a young lady just showed up and swiped them away.

Oh my dear, I think some of our friends maybe will become quite shocked if they watch this.
They will think we are living in Sodom or Gomorrah....but it's only Spain!
The culture here is a little bit different from the culture we have up in Scandinavia.
Here the most of everything has to be like a show and without a real shocking show everything is like nothing.

I heard about a lady in Sweden who got a Chippendale stripper on her birthday last year. She felt so put on shame that she left the party and went home.
Here they just think it's a fun thing, like it seams, and everybody just look at it as a show.
It's a big difference between the cultures.

But to be honest with you... Now I get a thought in my mind!
The Finnish men also show off everything! They sometimes run naked out from the sauna and roll in the snow or jump into the sea, and some even do it while it's daylight!

Which one do you think is worse?
A well trained tanned body exposed in twilight or a pale Finnish behind in daylight?

Please, click on the arrow if you have decided to watch the video clip.


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