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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

An Unexpected Guest

The Swedish coffee Gevalia has a slogan that says
you'll start getting unexpected visitors if you just buy it.

He,he! Somebody knocked on our door a while ago and when Clas opened there was a Swedish man on the other side wanting to come in and have a chat!
It was about 11.30 in the morning and I am still dressed in the 'Baby doll' sitting here in the studio blogging.
Normally I don't wake up before twelve when we have late nights and don't get to bed before three or five in the morning, but fortunately I was awake earlier today.
It wouldn't have been fun if I still would have been in the bed.

I am lucky Clas was clever enough to not bring the guest into the studio (because of my outfit) and I have now been hiding here for about half an hour while Clas has spent time with him in the kitchen and out on the balcony. He left a couple of minutes ago.
I'll soon have a shower and then dress up with some normal clothes.

We normally never let uninvited people in when that soon could cause us having people here every day. We know so many tourists here and some of them would like to spend time with us during the days, chatting and having a couple of beers.
I can understand it when we don't have much time to talk with people in the nights.
We have only two short breaks and then we are busy selling CDs and being DJs for the dancers etc. It's seldom we get time to sit down and chat with our guests.

Every now and then we also have guests at the restaurant who invite themselves to come and visit us in our home. They can for an example be interesting in to see how it looks in our studio where we do the recordings or they just like to meet us and to get to know us better etc.
We have tried to keep our home address a secret but it happens every now and then that tourists who are out strolling end up beneath our balcony and like to see us.

The tourists have all the time in the world but we work much and have to save some of the energy for the nights. We prefer to keep our home as a free zone from the tourism that surrounds us when our work is in the middle of the tourism.
To move the tourism into our home would in my opinion be too much and it's normally only our nearest friends who visit us in our home.

I wish however that I would have time and energy to spend time with everybody who wants it.
It's interesting to get to know new friends... but I think you have to put up some limits and allow yourself to also think about yourself.
There is just not time enough to socialize with everybody!


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