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Friday, November 20, 2009

Shopping Next

Inside Alcampo.

I'll go to bed soon because today we'll have to get up early when we have plans to go to Alcampo and Ikea for shopping.
It's Friday and our day off again.

Clas is going to look for some more technology stuff, like always, and I will look for hair curling tongues.

The day before yesterday I bought a new pair of white boots again and now I have decided to just turn a blind eye to all shoes and boots during the shopping tour tomorrow.
I have too many now and I don't know where to store them all.

Instead I'll look for some nice clothes and Clas needs a lot of clothes too if I just can get him into the dressing rooms.
He,he! I will for sure, if it's needed, be womanly cunning to get him in there!
He don't really like to try on many clothes and thinks there is not space enough in these small rooms. You know, he is a big and tall guy and when he gets in there he can't hardly move.
But I always find a lot of pieces for him so I'll tell you the end later...
Please, wish us a good luck.

When we get back home in the night we'll have a dinner somewhere in Los Cristianos and later we'll probably end up at the Scandibar which has turned out to be like our second home.

Have a nice Friday!


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