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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I have only got two questions so far.
Both of them from the same person.

Somebody asked if I would be interesting in earning money on my blog.
And how much I could charge for an ad.

No I am not interesting in that.
To do so I have to make like a business company out of my blog and I don't think it would generate so much money even, that it could pay the fee it costs to legally start up the company.
I prefer to keep my blog like a hobby.

If you like to make business out of your blog you also have to update it every single day.
No companies like to advertise on blogs that every now and then lie fallow.
I like to blog but if I know that I must do it every day it would soon start feeling like a work.

There is also a possibility to sign a contract with the blogger company who host my blog.
They have already made advertising deals with different companies and when you join the system you earn money per number of visitors who click in from your blog.
I don't think it would be worth doing it in my case. It would probably not generate any money to talk about.
I don't know anyhow how much they pay per visit or click.

To get a better income from the blog I must myself do deals directly with let's say fashion chains here on the island, travel companies, restaurants etc.
There could be some kind of interest in that but I'll still have to make a real company out of it.
You can't send an invoice to an other company without having a legal company yourself.

The blogs that have as many readers as some of the magazines and daily papers can earn a lot of money by giving advertising space to different companies.
They can charge the same prices as the real media.
For a small banner on my blog I maybe could charge about 50Euros a month or something and it would not make any sense to my income, but likely cause me a lot of extra work.


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