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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Swedish Bloggers

I will very soon go to bed.
I have, since we came home from work, been reading the Swedish blogs that I read daily.
It was a lot to read when I haven't been visiting them for a couple of days.

I read 4 of the Swedish blogs almost every day.
It's Blondinbella, Storstadspojken, Mogi and Fogi.
3 girls and one boy.
If you are from Sweden you probably know about these blogs.
Blondinbella and Storstadspojken are a couple and they live together in Stockholm.

I have followed Blondinbella for about 2 years, Storstadspojken since he started about 1,5 years ago, Mogi for about 1/2 a year and Fogi since she won the three blog awards in Sweden a couple of months ago.

Blogging is a real big thing in Sweden and some of the biggest blogs are owned by young girls under the age of 20.
The big blog owners have got a lot of power.
Some of them blog about fashion and when they show what they have bought on the blog the shops will soon run out of these items.
They become like Style and fashion tellers and many companies send them products for free and hope they will like them and blog about them.

You find a lot of advertising on some of the big blogs and the owners earn a lot of money by selling advertising space to different companies.
They also get a lot of invitations to parties where the rich and famous are and they are often exposed in the media. Some of the bloggers have become quite famous.

Sweden is like a forerunner when it comes to the blogging and to make a living out of it.
Some of the real big blogs have 600.000-700.000 visitors per week.
These bloggers work fulltime with their blogs and they often make 4-7 posts per day.
They have in some cases more power to make influence than the normal media in the country.

My little blog is as little as a drop in a sea and I have never earned a cent on it so far.
I just blog for fun and it has almost become a lifestyle.
I like to write and make posts but last spring I started feeling a little bit fed up when I read my own blog and discovered it was mostly about what we eat and what I shop.
He, he! It looked for sure like we are not doing anything else than eat and shop and I can pretty well understand why some people got problem with it and started feeling ill when they saw all the plates.


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