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Monday, November 23, 2009


It's our night off again and I have been out shopping in the afternoon.
Today I found a lot of clothes from Sara and Stradivarius. Maybe the most I have bought in the same day since last spring when I one day found so much that I barely could bring all the bags home.
I try to keep the policy that says 'buy everything you like', because I have learned that I start regretting if I don't.

It's nice when we have so many tourists shopping here on Tenerife.
Some of the most popular shops change a big part of their range every second week and there are always new pieces that you haven't seen before.

Some of the pieces I bought today are in leather, which is on fashion now, and I will soon have to have an 'outfit planning day' again to figure out which pieces to wear together.

Believe it or not but I even bought riding pants today!
They feel so comfortable to wear and I will use them in the spare time.
A cowgirl has to have riding pants, don't you think so?

Oh dear, it feels like my purse is shrinking! But when you work on stage as many nights a week like we do there is a need of a big wardrobe.
If I had a normal work I would not buy as much clothes as I buy now.

I also bought a pair of brown leather looking pants for Clas today, but he is still having his afternoon nap and haven't tried them on yet.
I bought them at Sara and, if they fit, there are dark blue and black leather looking pants for him too, in the same size. Guess if I am keeping my thumbs up now!
I will be more lucky than him if they fit because I am the one who have to figure out his outfits every night when we otherwise probably will end up having different colors.

I will very soon start doing a new make up for the night and go out on town having a dinner and then go to Scandibar.

Have a nice evening!


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