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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

El Dia Del Padre

Brito with his son Jesus.

Last Saturday it was the 'Fathers Day' here in Spain.
We spent the whole afternoon with Jesus and
went up to restaurant Vargas for a meal.

Brito and me.

First we had cheese.

Then this big mushroom.
I will tell you later what it's called...
It was the first time i had it and I think it tasted similar to a pancake.

A tuna fish salad.

And 'Salmorejo', that's rabbit.

After the meal we had a coffee out on the terrace.


The weather was perfect and we decided to
take a trip down to 'El Puertito'.

On the way down we saw this little cute goat close to the road.

And this camel was out walking without the owner.

The beach of El Puertito.

Me in the bar.
Brito and Jesus in the sunglasses.

We chilled out with an ice cream.


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