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Saturday, March 05, 2011

A 'Statue' in Puerto De La Cruz

Some of the 'statues' here on Tenerife are really acting like real statues.
They don't move whatever you do and you can't get them to change countenance.

Here I try to look like a statue too, but the result is a shame.
I just look glassy-eyed.

At the moment Brito took the photo I jumped up in his
lap thinking he will for sure smile or loose his 'poker face', but No!
He didn't even move!!!

Then I tried an other trick... I turned around pretending I am going to
kiss him on the mouth, but he just continued being like dead.
I think this man was born a statue!!!
Maybe I should try to tickle him next time?


1 comment:

Sue & Norm said...

What lovely photos. Its so good to see you so happy. Brito is a very lucky man!!