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Friday, March 25, 2011

Lewinski 24.03.2011

The line dance nights are absolutely the most crowded nights at Lewinskis.
Yesterday the terrace was packed with people and I sang line dance songs
the whole night through.

A sad thing though is the fact that many of the 'winter birds' are ready for
returning to England. They start leaving in the end of March and at the Easter
it's not many left.
I think this winter season has passed too quickly.
My feeling is that it just started and now we are getting to the end of it.
I hope the summer will pass very quickly and you all soon will be back.

It's a little bit boring here in the summertime.
Yes, we have tourists here, but it's a more 'familiar atmosphere' during the winter
season when many of the guests know each other.

Thank you all for being such a nice audience,
You make my nights at Lewinskis!

I think my audience this winter season has been about 80% Britons,
10% Canarians and 10% other Europeans.

My repertoire is a mix of country music and the latest pop hits.


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