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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today I made a typical "Korvsoppa" a la Scandinavia for lunch.
It included; Potato, carrot, celeriac, parsnip, broth, leek, onion, sausage and parsley.
I think it's at least 7 years since I last made one, but it could be 10 years as well.
Oh what a variety to the restaurant food we normally eat!

I made a full pot and it will last for two meals.
Tomorrow it will taste even better!
Many soups are, in my point of view, better the day after.

Milk is a common drink when you eat this soup.
Brito thought it tasted good, but said it's not a soup. He said it's 'un potaje'.
I think 'un potaje' = 'a stew' in English, but I'm not sure.

For dessert we had typical Scandinavian coffee and Cherry pie.
He,he! He sometimes jokes and calls the Scandinavian culture a 'suecorio' but
just wait a little while, he will soon be a 'suecorio' himself!!!

There is no word for 'suecorio' but it means something similar to
an overflow (too much) of 'Swedishness'.
Sometimes when our cultures or ways of thinking are different, and
I explain how I look at it, he dejectedly says "!Que Suecorio!"
But we are both interested in learning more of the other parts culture and like to
receive a 'mix of the best' from both of them.


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