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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fiesta De Paella

Yesterday Jesus made a big paella and invited some friends to come and eat.
Brito helped him out and they did everything from buying the ingredients til
preparing the meal + doing the dishes.
Jesus is a very good cook and it was for sure the best paella I've had so far in my life.

My first plate.
All the sea monsters were prepared from fresh, bought in the morning, and
they were in many different types.

This is some kind of sea monster I've never had before but it tasted good.
I will tell you the name later...
Ok, Brito says they are called 'Navajas'.

Jesus(son of Brito), Antonio Jesus (Brito), Lisa and Jesus.

It must have been some kind of lack of fantasy when it comes to
the male names here on Tenerife.
Really many men are called Jesus or Antonio or both.

Lisas brother Kjell and his wife Inger and their daughter Nora.

Me opening a box of chocolate.

Nora is very brave.
The photo was taken a couple of days ago at the Jungle Park here on Tenerife.



Pamela Stocks said...

Hi Susanne, that sea monster (he he, that's definitely right: in Spanish I call them "bichos del mar"), in English anyway, is a razor fish.

That does look like a very good paella.

With regard to names, it used to be that Spanish people were only allowed to name their children certain names allowed by the Catholic church, like names of saints. That's why there wasn't much variety.

Susanne said...

Hi Pamela,
Thanx a lot for your comment.
Oh, that explains why they've all got same names.
Their families and friends have anyhow sorted out the problems themselves.
The most of the men I know here have got nicknames too, but
it can be quite complicated;

Brito (Antonio Jesus Santos Brito)is as an example called 'Tonillo' by his family and the friends who grow up with him here in Los Cristianos, but his mother call him 'Tonillito'.
In business circumstances and out on town he's called Brito and the names he himself like most is Jesus Santos.
The version his mother uses is making the name more cute. You put '-ito' in the end of the name when you think somebody is small and cute. *giggle*

Pamela Stocks said...

Yes, you can just imagine his mother started using the small and cute name when he was a toddler. :)

I've known mothers use the -ito ending for their son, because they are so often named after the father too and needed to differentiate when they're calling them for dinner.