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Monday, March 14, 2011

Farm Catastrophe

All the crops withered!

Oh, I caused a catastrophe on my internet farm last night.
I had joined a Co-Op farming with my friend Stefan from Finland.
We should sow, grow and harvest 2900 Wheat and Strawberries plants
as quick as possible.

If you are very quick to finish the work you'll get a Golden medal.
If not you get silver or bronze or nothing at all.

Different crops have got a particular time they have to grow before they get the berries, like it is in the real life.
Yesterday I sow about 400 strawberry plants and they had to grow only 4 hours to get ready for the harvest. Somehow I forgot to harvest and all my plants withered.

Oh, what a shock I got when I discovered it today!
I started looking for solutions to get the plants alive again and there is a spray you can buy but it would have cost me 15 Farm cash which is quit a lot.

I also checked out how much it would cost if I went up in my private plane with the spray that makes the crops grow instatly. That was only 5 Farm cash which is not bad, so I plowed the fields again sow new plants, took a tour with the plan and my new plants were instantly ready and I could harvest them. I have got the peace back in my mind.


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