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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Queso De Artesanos De Canarias

A glass of 'Canarian Cosecha wine (Guachinche wine) a la northe' + this cheese on a
Tuc-crackers + seedless grapes. Oh, it can't be better!
It's just delicious!!!

A Canarian friend of us, Pedro, has a goat farm here on the island in San Isidro.
He knows how to make different Canarian cheeses from the milk and yesterday we got one as a gift from him.
Oh, the taste is so lovely!!! This is now my favorite cheese.

It has got a very mild taste of the goat milk in a mix with a taste that is quite the similar as the taste of the Parmesan cheese.
You store the cheese in room temperature and it lasts for months.
They don't sell these 'handicraft cheeses' in the shops, but sometimes you can have them in the Guachinches if you ask. There are a few different types.
The one we got is called; Queso artesano de cabra curado al gofio.


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