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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

10 000 Visitors!

Oh, It has passed 10.000 visitors!
I have been very busy and missed it out!

Carola and Calle (my sister + husband) have arrived and we were with them yesterday before we went to work in the night.
Today I have been running around every where buying stuff for the Christmas dinner we are going to have in our home tomorrow. I found quite a lot and tomorrow night we are going to eat and eat and eat...What else can you do on a Christmas eve?

Before I always blogged in the nights when we got home from work, but now I have started to go to bed earlier, and I don't sit at the computer at all in the nights anymore.
There's a risk that I'll stay up until late if I start up the computer so I have chosen to not do that at all.
Today I woke up already at ten o'clock and I think it's nice to get more time in the daytime.

We have been playing at Oasis Mango the last three nights.
It has been very quiet in the whole town and the streets have been empty of tourists.
We have had about 40-60 guests per night and that's not bad when you think about the situation, but the Christmas tourists arrive now and we hope it will come up a little bit more this coming week.

Have a nice evening!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely Christmas. Love and good wishes to you and all your family.
Norman has gone to his Sons for Christmas in America and returns 5th January. So i am all alone.
Mind you it has its good points
1 Bed to myself
2 Watch what i want on television
3 Snuggle up with my Baileys and watch Sex in the City
4 Go to bed and get up when i want
Its like being on holiday .

Send a few Christmas pictures if you have a moment,but i don't expect you will be blogging much over Christmas and New Year.

Are you playing at the Oasis over the holiday?.
Love Sue xx