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Friday, December 05, 2008

Vacation 6-12.12

It's Friday and our day off again.
But we are not going to be off only for one day this time but for a whole week!
We'll be on vacation until Saturday the 13th of December.

No, don't believe we are going to rest! We'll work a lot, but keep the nights free.
We need to get the new CD ready before Christmas which means a lot of hours in the studio.

I don't know how much time I get to blog during these days. Hopefully some time every now and then. But it's not much to blog about when we just sit and work with the headphones on.

Sunday or Monday my singing will be recorded and it will take the whole day when I sing all the songs on the CD. Clas don't like to sing any songs this time and decided to make a CD only with me.
After the singing is ready the mixing and mastering job also have to be done before the CD is ready to be printed.

Clas has already made a record sleeve by using a photo of me that is about four months old.
The style of the sleeve is nice but I don't like the chin on the photo and I'll have to get new photos for him to work with as soon as possible.
Oh, I don't really know how to get time for everything! I wish the day had 48 hours!

Tomorrow night we are planning to go to Scandic shop to listen to Carina and Lasse.

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