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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sunny Tenerife

I know my sister and her husband become happy when they read this.
They arrive tomorrow and will stay a fortnight.

We have got the sun back today.
It's the first day for over a month that Tenerife has no clouds at all!
It's +22 degrees and we start defrosting again.
I hope this weather will stay over the two coming weeks, at least, and it just will be perfect.
We start playing tonight and I will soon dive into the wardrobes to look for outfits.
Have a nice evening!


Anonymous said...

Dear couple,
I happy to hear you start to play tonight again, I cannot be there but hope to drop in tomorrow.

I really hope you feel better, stronger and happier and can find the way back together again. The most important thing is to be sincere. Fist of all to yourself and then to your partner, family and friends.
Just as the sun decided to come back to Tenerife today I hope it finds the way in to your hearts as well...

Good luck!

Eli- Manager Oasis Mango

Susanne said...

Thank you Eli!
Susanne and Clas