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Monday, December 15, 2008

Sing and play together?

We have got many e-mails the last days.
It's nice to know there are people who care about us.
Some people have asked if it could be possible for us to continue our country venues here on Tenerife and told us to think about it. It means to work together as friends!

We say we are friends and that's what we are now...But what about if it doesn't work?
I don't like to start up, and give everybody a hope, and then stop again if it doesn't work.
That would be like to start the whole process from the beginning again , and I feel it would be more than I could bear right now.
I still feel depressed. But I also understand that I have to make a decision as soon as possible.

Clas had contact with Oasis Mango yesterday and they think it would be nice if we could start the 20th of December.Then we have been off for 15 days.
They have adds about our venues in two different papers, and they also have employed a girl to just do PR about our nights towards the guests at their other 7 hotels here in Los Cristianos.
It costs them money every day and people come to the restaurant to see us and we are not there.
It's a big dilemma we have caused by this.

I think everything would have been easier if we wouldn't have been so much on display through our work.
To lay down a work of this kind is not made so easily when it's a lot of other people involved too. It's not only about us, our bussiness and work. It's also about business and work for other people.

Clas says we can try and I have got like an exemption until tomorrow to think about it.
We Finns are known to have "sisu" and to go on even in hard times...but it's a difficult decision for me to make so shortly.

We will now watch the Mama Mia DVD.
Clas got an idea that we need to do something else to just divert our melancholy thoughts. I think it's a good idea!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you we love the Mama Mia film hope you had the tissues to hand.
It would be nice to see you back as a singing duo but what about the stress and new way of living that you both wanted ? sometimes we need to change to find out who we are and what else is out there just waiting to be enjoyed. You both deserve that.
Think carefully both of you !!
Good night sweet dreams.
Sue xx