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Thursday, December 11, 2008


I think I have shocked some of you with the message in the last post.
I was stupid when I told about it so quickly.
My first thought were that I leave immediately and I like to give you a hint about what's up when some of you maybe would be surprised to discover we are not playing when you come to the island.
We also get a lot of mails from people who ask where we are gonna play during their stay on Tenerife and I thought it's better to say like it is so that people know.

I am not so shocked anymore and I will take some days to sort everything out.
We have been together for 17 years and then you just can't run away.
It's a lot of practical things to sort out when you are up to a divorce.

I will not tell you what has happened. If Clas like to do it himself it's up to him. I have no revengeful feelings.
I am just surprised when he always have been telling me that we are the luckiest in the whole world and that he loves me. But times can get a quick change like it seams.
Why are some men so stupid? I am sure he didn't think about the consequences of this!

Please, remember us in your prayers. We need all support we can get right now.

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