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Friday, December 05, 2008

Home decorations

Many would like to see how we live here on Tenerife.
It's quite often we get questions about how we live and where we live.
People are also brave enough to ask how much our apartment cost and how much money we get in per month.

It's only Scandinavians who ask. People from other nations never ask when they think it's a too personal question. For them it would be the same as asking how much somebody have got in the purse.

Some of our guests during the past years have also been thinking you can't make a living by working in Spain and they have asked with a skeptical voice if we have got anywhere to live.
Do we look like we are homeless?
Other dream about moving to Spain and they would like to see how a long term apartment looks and hope to be invited to our home.
We know the most of them will never move anywhere.

Believe it or not, but many people in Spain have got nice homes.
They have nice furniture and nice cars and they maybe live in a higher standard than some people do in other countries around Europe.

We can't invite everybody we know to our home when we have got to know thousands of people the last years, but we have got a home.

Would you like to see some of the decorations in our home?
Please, click on the arrow to watch the video clip.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video clip..! I got some beautiful home decor from Bellacor.