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Sunday, December 14, 2008

My dream right now

The Abama pool, Tenerife South.

We were sitting and talking about how it is to live on Tenerife and then we got a revelation that many people seam to be boring about their monotony life here.
They do the same things every day and it's quite boring when you think about it.

The tourists who come to the island do a lot of things.
They visit the zoos, walk in the mountains, travel around the island, are on the beach, sit and watch the other tourists, listen to the foreign languages, feel the smells, booze the different cultures here, enjoy the different cuisines etc. They spend quality time while they are here.

Many who live here have built up their own systems how they spend the days.
They go to the same bar, drink the same liquid, meet the same people and eat at the same restaurants. That's all they do!
Many are so bored that they don't have much energy to change the patterns.
When they are really bored they in addition take a drink to cheer up and many become alcoholics when they need cheer ups in the morning, in the middle of the day and in the nights.
That's how the life is for some of the people here! (Not for everybody!)

We have also been living a boring life.
Every time we have been driving by car up to Santa Cruz I have felt so blessed when I have understood we are on Tenerife in real.
I have enjoyed the forty five minutes drive, when this is the only time I have had time to look around and just sit and enjoy the landscape.
In between these travels I haven't almost noticed that we are on a paradise island.
You spend the most of the time inside the town and you get so used to everything that you don't appreciate it anymore.

Now I would like to somehow alter my habits so that I can enjoy Tenerife more.
It's not easy to change habits but I would like to use the time in a better way.
These are some things I think about:

-To go earlier to bed and get up earlier in the mornings.

-To not eat out all the meals when that is the most boring you can do.
I am so tired of the restaurant food that I don't know what to eat anymore.

-To go out and just have a walk without running in and out in shops. More country walks!

-To just sit down sometime and look at the sea and the boats in the harbor.

-To just sit in the sun and feel the heat...etc.

I just feel I would like to get into a more healthy and less stressful life and leave all must do:s behind. Nobody will yet give thanks to me for all the ambitions I have had, the day I die.

I don't have to learn a lot of new songs every month!
I don't have to know all the new linedances!
I don't have to wear new outfits every night or every time I go out in town!
I don't have to have the perfect makeup and new made nails every day! Etc.
I like to have it and I can have it, but it takes too much time!

It's time to re-plan the priorities.
I don't promise anything, but this is my dream now.
Oh how nice it would be to just sit down and read a book!

Clas says he will do the same. The life is too short to just waist it away.
We like to lay down our "luxury life" so that we can start living the real luxury life!

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