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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fred Olsen ferry on steady ground

We have got a new tourist attraction in Los Cristianos now!

Last night something went wrong with the Fred Olsen ferry Bonanza,
that goes between the islands, and it sailed in high speed straight up
to the shore in Los Cristianos.
It was about 170 passengers on board that had to be evacuated.

I have many times before lost the breath when I have seen the ferry
arriving and I have said they will one day get a grounding.
They often speed into the bay and in the last minute they start reversing
in full speed into the harbor so that the machines make a terrible noise and
the water is bubbling like there was a volcano under the water.
The trick didn't work last night and the ferry continued to the shore.
The captains seams to like to make a show of their
arriving and this time it came true!
To be honest, this is not really a surprise.
The captains at Silja Line, where I have been working for many years,
are very careful and they move the ferry slowly meter by meter to be sure
it will not hit the edge of the harbor.

Here you can see where it stands parked now.
The CostaMar hotel and the Gran Arona hotel in the background.

The Police have put out their bands to try to avoid the tourists
getting too close and there was a terrible smell of fuel.

The yellow pipe to the right of the ferry is there to collect the oil leakage.

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