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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Now I've got a new dream or vision!
The Italian man I met yesterday is a very good singer.
He has for 4 years been singing at one of the luxury hotels (owned by a sheik) in Dubai and
have had Arabian sheiks and princes in the audience.
Now I really would like to go there and do the same!
The latest pop songs I sing would fit!
Maybe I could be a Lady Gaga? *smile*
It's a very good salary (you become very wealthy in a couple of years) and
you get to live in a luxury flat and get free dining in the restaurant!

He said he thinks that I would do very well there...!
I wonder if he would like to connect me with the right people over there..?
I mean... if I go there I can't work for him here...and
he maybe needs me here...? and
then he maybe don't like me to go there..?

Anyhow, I can always dream about it...! That's healthy!!!
Humans without visions do perish!
To be honest with you...I don't think Dubai is for me!


brooke said...

Darling do you really mean shake like the milk drink or sheik like the Arabian Knights..


Sue & Norm said...

Follow your dream whatever it might be. :.)

Susanne said...

Brooke> He,he! Sorry for my bad English!!!
Sue> I will! Thank You! :-)